How to Restore Yahoo Account Email, Contacts and Email Settings
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The experience of getting back your lost or missed things is really amazing. You always wanted to get back those lost or deleted email messages, contacts and more such things from your Yahoo Mail account.

Some users have this impression that your deleted contacts or messages can’t get recover; it’s a myth. You have fair chances to get back those deleted email messages and contacts back in your account.

We have these quick guides for you to learn restoring your contacts and emails. The guides are easy to use. It just requires you to follow the steps carefully. Once you are done with the restoration process; you can see those emails in your inbox. Also, you contacts will be updated after restoring them.

Restore missing or lost emails from Yahoo Mail account

You can search and restore your deleted emails from your Inbox in the Trash folder of your Yahoo Mail account. Whatever got deleted temporarily, you can easily find here. In case, when you have deleted mails permanently; then you need to raise a request for recovery of your Yahoo Mails with Yahoo. This will be effective, when you make a request for restoration before 7 days of deletion. Here, chances of recovery are comparatively lesser, yet you can try.

Learn to restore your deleted or missing contact/individual contacts in Yahoo mail

• Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account
• Then, move to the Contacts icon and click on it
• After that, click on Deleted Contacts from the left column
• You need to select contacts you want to restore
• But, if you don't see your desirable contact here, then you can skip to the Restore your entire contact list section
• Now, click on Restore or Restore Contacts to add them back to your contact list
• Final step is to click on Done

Learn to restore your entire contact list in Yahoo mail

• Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account
• Her, from your Yahoo Mail account, you need to click on the Contacts icon
• After that, click on Actions and go to Restore from backup
• You need to specify a date to restore your contacts to from the drop-down menu
• And, then click on Restore button

When you are not sure about the particular missing contacts; you can always opt for entire contact list restoration.

With the help of these above steps you can easily restore yahoo email, yahoo contacts and yahoo email settings, or if you find any other issue in your Yahoo mail account then fell free to contact yahoo customer service phone number toll free.

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